How To Use Our Website

How To Use Our Website

To Use Our Website:


  • Firs of all, our website is mobile optimized that means you can use our website on your any mobile or tablet devices and you’re going to see that completely different from usual website. Because it uses different databases. So you can use it that comfortable from any device!


  • If you use our website from your Laptop/Netbook or Desktop PC/Mac you will see all the graphics with effects! But, the menu seems little bit larger at the same time to comment  on our meals or menus you need to login..


  • To LOG IN to our website is so simple! You do not need to register to comment or etc. You can use your any social account  like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. to log-in and comment on any our web page.


  • To “Contact Us” you can use directly our main contact us menu. Also you will see the post code or our full address in that page or Click here to see it! Externally, you will see our map location, opening hours & Contact form on every page of ours (at the bottom). So you can use that contact form as well.


  • If you use your mobile device to see our website please welcome! You need to know that is our website looks much nicer from the mobile. It doesn’t matter (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian) or whatever it is. Its like an app to use it, not a website :) So you will like it ..I know that :)


  • You will see all our navigation menus from your mobile we made that simple! and by using our website you will NOT TOUCH the screen  by any of your second finger to see all meals, offers, menus or pages .. We disabled your multitouch function so you can not use your second finger if you wanted it .. so that means its perfect and mobile optimized.  We mean its fit to the screen and there is “Forward” & “Previous” buttons in there. So we made it the best for your needs!
  • All our prices on your screens and so sweet you will see that in RED :) Did you see the price okay then tell it us :)
  • You see? Our location is on the every page. Look at your mobile :)
  • To Call Us from your mobile just touch on it so thats it :) and CALL us :)